...Искусство — единственная серьезная вещь в мире, но художник — единственный человек в мире, никогда не бывающий серьезным. Оскар Уайльд
Видеть в жизни больше, чем бытие - идеал, красоту, небесный промысел - это одно составляет предмет Искусства
...Искусство, не имея никакой настоящей причины - может быть, есть самое очевидное доказательство бытия Бога. Мастер Каморки


Скамейка. Философское наблюдение

The adventures of a bench in Eastern Europe

Public space is an important part of any good city. Urban furniture such as benches play an important role in making public spaces lively. Of course the social factor is very important to consider in order to predict how people might use the space or object.
And even if there is a lack of design of public space and NO DESIGN of the urban furniture itself people will use it.
It seems this post went a little bit political. Just to make it clear the bench is located in eastern Europe. It is not Russia as we thought before but it is in the Ukraine. Since Ukraine and Russia were both part of the Soviet Republic and the bench seems to be a relict of that time it is sometimes hard to distinguish.
Our big sorry to all who became patriotic over a public bench.
The photographer is Жека Котенко who had this great idea to document the life of a bench Смайлик «wink» Diakuyu + SPASIBO