...Искусство — единственная серьезная вещь в мире, но художник — единственный человек в мире, никогда не бывающий серьезным. Оскар Уайльд
Видеть в жизни больше, чем бытие - идеал, красоту, небесный промысел - это одно составляет предмет Искусства
...Искусство, не имея никакой настоящей причины - может быть, есть самое очевидное доказательство бытия Бога. Мастер Каморки


Дюрер, серии гравюр на Библейские сюжеты

The Apocalypse of St.John (1496-98)

Vergin & Child Appearing to St.John while he writes his Revelations Martyrdom of St.John
St.John beholding the seven candelabra St.John in clouds, surrounded by 24 Elders around the throne of God Hymn to the Chosen

The Four Horsemen
of the Apocalypse The Opening of the Fifth and Sixth Seals Angels restraining the Four Winds The Seven Angels with Trumpets The Fifth and Sixth Trumpets

St.John swallowing Book
presented by Ange The Dragon with Seven Heads St.Michael and his Angels fighting the Dragon The Seven-Headed Beast and the Beast with Lamb's Horns The Woman of Babylon Seated upon a Beast
with Seven Heads

The Angel with the Key to the Pit

Largel Passion
(1497 - 1510)

The Man of Sorrows
Mocked by Soldier Last Supper Agony in the Garden Betraval of Christ Flagellation

Ecce Homo Bearing of the Cross Crucifixion Lamentation Deposition
 Christ in Limbo Resurrection

Life of the Virgin
(1500 - 1505)

Virgin Sitting
in Crescent Moon Joachim's Offering Rejected Message of Angel to Joachim Joachim and Anne
at Golden Gate Birth of the Virgin

Presentation of  the Virgin at Temple Betrothal of the Virgin Annunciation The Visitation Nativity

Circumcision Adoration of the Magii Presentation of Christ at the Temple Flight into Egypt Repose in Egypt

Christ Among the Doctors Christ Taking Leave of his Mother Virgin and Child Surrounded
by Saints, Angels Death of the Virgin Coronation

Small Passion
(1508 - 1510)

Man of Sorrows Fall of Man Expulsion from Paradise Annunciation Nativity

Christ Taking Leave of his Mother Christ's Entry into Jerusalem Christ Driving Money
Changers from Temple Last Supper Christ Washing the Feet of St. Peter

Agony in the Garden Betrayal of Christ Christ Before Annas Christ Before Caiaphas Mocking of Christ

Christ Before Pilate Christ Before Herod Flagellation Christ Crowned with Thorns Ecce Homo

Pilate Washing his Hands Bearing of the Cross Sudarium Christ Nailed to the Cross Crucifixion

Christ in Limbo Deposition Lamentation Entombment Resurrection

Christ Appearing to his Mother Noli Me Tangere Supper at Emmaus Christ Appearing
to His Disciples Ascension
 Descent of the Holy Ghost The Last Judgement

Engraved Passion
(1508 - 1512)

Man of Sorrows by the Column Agony in the Garden Betrayal of Christ Christ before Caiaphas Christ before Pilate

Flagellation Christ Crowned with Thorns Ecce Homo Pilate Washing
his Hands Bearing of the Cross

Crucifixion Lamentation Deposition (Entombment) Christ in Limbo Resurrection

Other Illustrations

adam-eve adam-eve St Jerome In The Wilderness St_Jerome in his Study Madonna Crowned
By An Angel

Madonna By The Wall Madonna Crowned By Two Angels Madonna
With The Monkey Madonna By The Tree Madonna Nursing

Madonna With The Pear The Virgin On The Crescent The Virgin On The Crescent St Jerome

St. Paul St. Philip St. Simon Coat Of Arms With A Skull The Sea Monster

Melancholy The Four Witches The Desperate Man The Judge Witch Riding Backwards On A Goat

The Cook And His Wife Three Peasants In Conversation Rustic Couple Oriental Family Young Couple Threatened By Death

Lady On Horseback And Lansquenet The Bagpiper The Standard Bearer St. George On Horseback The Knight, Death and The Devil